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Quality requirements for separators

Separator is an important part in battery production, its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the battery's discharge capacity and charge-discharge cycle life, so we must pay attention to the selection and research of battery separators. The quality requirements of the separator should generally have the following requirements
05 2021/03

The effect of the separator on the battery

The influence of glass fiber (AGM) separator properties on the performance of sealed lead-acid batteries, including basis weight and thickness uniformity, resilience and compressibility, porosity and acid absorption, pore size, resistance, impurities, etc. The following points are shown: (1) The basis weight and uniformity of the separator are the main factors affecting the uniformity of the battery capacity; (2) The resilience and compressibility of the separator are the guarantee for the tight assembly of the battery, and also the internal separator of the battery. (3) The porosity and acid absorption of the separator are the guarantee of battery capacity, service life and high current discharge performance; (4) The pore size of the separator reflects the Whether the plate can prevent the penetration of lead dendrites; (5) The resistance of the separator directly affects the low temperature start-up performance and high current discharge performance of the battery; (6) The impurities in the separator are the direct cause of the self-polar discharge of the battery.
05 2021/03
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