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Tianchang yongchang fiberglass products Co., Ltd is located in baima industrial park, renhe town, tianchang city, east gate of Anhui province. Tianchang city is located in the hinterland of east China, south by Yangtze river, north by huaihe river, east by gaoyou lake, west by beijing-shanghai railway, it is an important supporting processing industrial production base in the Yangtze river delta economic zone. The company is located on the south side of tianyang road (provincial road S312), 41km from yangzhou and 95km from nanjing, about 3 hours' drive from Shanghai.

Our company completed the business registration registration on November 26, 2007, and carried out the equipment installation during the same period, and formally put into production. The main products are: super-fine glass fiber partition (AGM), glass fiber insulation board core material, ceramic fiber paper and other products. The raw material for making this product is mainly composed of glass fiber with diameter 0.5-3 micromm, which is characterized by acid resistance, high porosity, small pore size, high liquid absorption rate and low impurity content. Suitable for valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery (electric bicycle battery, UPS battery, etc. Make the battery without adding water with maintenance and other functions.

Tianchang yongchang glass fiber products co., LTD is a private company with a registered capital of 10 million yuan and a total investment of 25 million yuan. At present, the annual sales are about 40 million yuan.

Our company has passed iso9001:2008 quality system certification in December 2009 and continues to this day. We are meticulous in quality management and actively practice the quality policy of "strict management, continuous innovation, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction" to provide customers with high-quality products and all-round pre-sales and after-sales services.

Our company is committed to the development and production of AGM pider, which has been developed to June 2015. The company has 6 professional baffle production lines, with a capacity of 6000 tons/year. The company has a group of experienced technology, production management personnel, more than 70 well-trained employees to unite as one, according to customer needs to customize different specifications and indicators of products, and for the industry manufacturers to provide professional processing (OEM).